Playing like a kid

Having fun should be part of our routine. Often, we are forgetting to be a kid again. There are a lot of things we could do, from taking our children to parks or even spending time in an escape room game with our family. Trying to escape but also it helps us to connect or reconnect with our loved ones.

We need to be open to let our spirit free. Being silly once in a while doesn’t hurt; we need to stop the rat race we are in. Enjoying our life requires us to have some playtime.

Einstein stated he wished he would have played more in his life. A creative mind needs to reach it’s freedom by playing. When we are not focusing on our daily work we can finally relax.

By relaxing we are letting more oxygen into our bodies but also, we are letting our spirit find the solution by connecting with the universe. Distracting ourselves from the world of the ego helps us to stay grounded.

This helps us to recharge the energy we need for our bodies to function. It also opens our imagination bringing the sparks to dream again.

When we are becoming a kid again, we see things a different way. We do not see all the obstacles the ego world would like for us to see. We feel we are unstoppable which we are.

We are becoming bolder, ready to be who we are meant to be.

We are also reconnecting with the four chambers of our hearts. we are grounded and happier.

Without this time, we cannot feel whole, laughing is the best remedy we have. It has positive effects on our organs, our stress levels drop, we are not feeling worried but finally relaxing our muscles.

Why not start today with a little fun with your family and friends! We need to play more in our lives.