Becoming the trailblazers

Stepping into the unknown is worth it when we are ready to go on the quest for our own dream. We are here to experience feeling alive, when you are going into the unknown you are actually feeling the rush.

Similar to the daredevil ready to jump into the abyss. We are feeling the energy of freedom in us. We are also setting ourselves into the roller coaster that will guide us to our happy ending.

During that process we are going through darkness not knowing at times what is up or down, pushing forward not willing to give up on our holy ground. Finding ourselves while we are facing the obstacles in front of us. This are the times when we are finally discovering who we truly are.

Not being willing to compromise on our dreams, ready to face our demons one at a time. Revisiting past situations that need healing.

Learning to let go of what is not for our highest good. Discovering while we are in the middle of our journey who should be in our inner circle. Walking away from everything that is weighing us down.

We do not have to feel guilty when we are doing it for our highest good. when our spirit is guiding us. The journey of transformation has begun when we are taking the first step on our own quest. Nothing will ever be the same, we are willing to go through whatever it takes to finally reach our happy ground.

By staying focused on our dreams, we are learning to become the trailblazer we are. We are also inspiring the people that surround us.

The awakening of our spirit will come when we are ready to walk on our own path. No one knows better than you what is for your highest good. Have faith in your spirit, believe in yourselves.