Making choices in our lives part2

A sense of contentment always comes when you finally have accomplished what you set your mind to do.  The sense of elation comes from the connection with the universe. when you are co-creating with the universe you know you are not alone in your journey.

It is watching the universe working in our favor.  Feeling that everything is coming into perfect synchronicity. Being able to witness the miracles unfolding in front of us.

Having lived a thousand lives, I have always leaned on the universe to help me in my journey. My journey wasn’t an easy road, without the help of the universe I would not have been able to reach my dreams.

When you are starting to co-create you need to keep in mind it is not a race. Things will not come knocking at your door within fifteen minutes. It might require the universe weeks, month even years to have all the pieces together for you to be able to archive your goal.

You are the master gardener that has planted the seeds of your dreams. It is time to start to take care of them so they can grow and blossom. Removing weeds, not letting anyone disturbing what you are about to accomplished.

Learning to stay focused on your goals letting perfect synchronicity working on the details. We are here to let our spirit shine the light on our path. The illusional world of the ego is a distraction that is not for our highest good. We can indulge in our guilty pleasures and lose track of our life purpose.

It is our choice to decide what we want to accomplish in our lives. We can change the course of our lives at any given time. We are responsible for our own actions regardless if we decide to take someone’s advice that is not for our highest good.

What would you like to do today? Live your dreams or stay where you are?