Patience can be challenging

Patience is a virtue we need to continually work on. From waiting to have an answer from our dream job or waiting for the working day to end so we can meet our friends or loved ones.

We must practice this virtue over and over. When co-creating with the universe this becomes more challenging at times. When nothing seems like it’s moving in the right direction, we can lose our patience and scream at the universe to get thing moving.

I have lost my patience through the years when I felt I was stuck somewhere. Like a puppet feeling myself suspended in the air but not moving. This feeling was of hopeless, but I pushed myself trying to fight the situation.

In some cases, I created a bigger mess because my ego decided to intervene. I had to learn to step back and let synchronicity work its’ magic.

Have you ever lost your temper when you were working with someone that wasn’t listening at all? Doing everything wrong? How often have you raised your voice at your children that were running around like mad cows? Or your pups deciding to bolt out of the door, and you are trying to catch them?

With meditation and taking some time off to recharge our batteries we are learning to stay calm. Grounding ourselves so our spirit will not go in and out of our bodies like a yoyo.

We can also work on our breathing, taking deep breaths instead of short ones. Giving us enough oxygen for our brain and muscles. Finding the time, during your day, to walk for 10 minutes at least, is extremely helpful.

We are always going to be challenged by our outer conditions and our ego. Understanding what would be for our highest good trying not to be involved in someone else’s vortex. Instead, learning to walk away from toxic situations and toxic, negative people.