Letting our imagination free

Letting our imagination run free while creating a nice cake or experimenting with a new recipe getting our test buds excited about our own creativity. It is wonderful for a moment to focus only on the tasks ahead leaving the chaos of the world behind us.

We need to learn to disconnect from the crazy world we are living in. Enjoying a moment of pure delight. Changing our routine opens the room for free time. We do not need to stay in the rat race.

We can step aside and start to live our own lives. Even if the outer conditions are less than ideal, we can find something we can do that will not impact our bank accounts.

Letting our imagination roam free helps us to unleash the power of creation. We have the tools to change the course of our lives. It all starts with letting our imagination run free. Creating a new experience in our mind by feeling the energy in us.

Seeing ourselves already having it. For example, if you are looking for a job imagine you already have that job. Feeling the joy to go to work every day. Play that thought like a movie in your head. Only displaying positive thoughts no negativity.

By doing that, you are sending the message to the universe this is what you want to experience next. The universe will work with perfect synchronicity to make it happen. The second step for you will be updating your resume and posts on a job’s dashboard.

When you are doing that you have not only named it but also claimed your next experience. You have made one step toward your goal. The universe will do ten towards you by leading you to your dream job.

It might take a few weeks or months, but you can make your dream job appear in front of you. The last step for you will be to take the leap of faith and accept that job.

When opportunities are coming to our door, we have a choice, we can keep the door closed or we can open it and welcome the changes in our lives.