The elusive fairy tale story

We can fall in love with the idea of living our own fairy tale life. But most of us will have to endure challenges before reaching our holly ground. We can smooth our path by partnering with the universe.

We can learn to co-create with the universe to realize our wildest dreams. We do not have to feel we only have the life we are currently living. We can attract opportunities to our doors.

We can change our outer conditions when we are ready to go through uncharted territory. It is not easy to go into the unknown, with no bearings to help us along the way it is a true test of what we are made off.

This is the time we are shaping to become our spirit. We are learning to face our own obstacles. We are also revisiting past issues that were not resolved. We are growing and maturing.

Learning to make the distinction between what is for our highest good and what’s not. We do not have to stay on the path we are on. By going on the quest of our life we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities.

It doesn’t mean it will be an easy transition but during times of chaos we have to face, we can rest assured with the knowledge we are supported along the way by the universe.

We might be challenged on keeping our faith, but we have no reason to give up on our dreams. We need to stay determined on our mission; with the help of our inner circle we can continue in our journey.

We can accomplish anything we set our mind to do as long as it is coming from our spirit. The universe will provide the support we need along our journey.

Are you afraid to have your dreams come true?