We are student of life

Being naughty is letting your inner child be free. We have to stay connected with our inner child. Being a growing up doesn’t mean we have to be serious all the time. We can learn to relax and enjoy a moment of fun.

Playing is one way to not only learn but also, we can get inspiration from it.  How often people have tried to solved problems at work but couldn’t resolved them.   It is possible they could be at the fitness club or playing with their children when the solution would come to them.

I have found solutions while doing yoga. I had to learn to continue my routine before I went to my computer to record it. Not taking ourselves too seriously helps us to lighten up our mood.

It helps us to keep ourselves positive, sending those vibration into the world. It not only impacts our outer condition in a positive way but also the people around us are benefiting from those energies as well.

Have you ever noticed we would rather be attracted by people who are calm and grounded than someone who is always frantic? Those individuals who are calm and composed bring us a sense of peace.

When we are in their presence we are feeling at peace. We are lowering our shields to let those positive energies infused us. We do quiet down and feel grounded.

We can learn to do the same, it takes practice and we might feel we are being challenged over and over. But when we are practicing every day, we can start to learn how to become the better part of us.

Nothing will ever change in our lives if we are not willing to take the steps to bring us to a place of equilibrium. We are the students of life; our journey is what shapes us to who we truly are.