Becoming our own self

Every parent has expectations for their children. From taking over a family business to becoming a lawyer or someone that is influential. It doesn’t mean this will actually happen for their children.

Often parents set unrealistic expectation trying to live their dreams through their children. Refusing to see their children’s spirit but instead thinking they can mold them to what they think they should become.

This is a recipe for disaster in the making, parents should learn to see their children’s spirit instead of trying to force them to become someone they are not. I had the chance to escape and become who I am but the “little one” did not have that chance.

Instead, my mother registered her to become a pharmacist tech which was my mother’s dream not the “little one’s”. Throughout her life my mother was a dictator, she wasn’t listening to what we thought we wanted to do with our life.  She always imposed her own will on us, which, unfortunately, wasn’t for the highest good of anyone.

She never realized this was detrimental for all of us. Her idea of a happy family was trying to force everyone to be together and this never worked.

I never listened to her, so this created a lot of clashes between the two of us. The gap between us started to grow bigger and bigger. I was able to escape that life by starting to travel. I defied her authority, knowing she never understood me. It was difficult to live like that, but I knew deep inside of me it was only temporary.

My life wasn’t with them but somewhere else. Not everyone realizes that.  Instead they will comply with their parents well wishes but deep inside of them they have a feeling of loneliness. Afraid to tell their parents they do not want to become what the parents are expecting of them.

It will also impact their lives when their awakening is taking place, to finally realize they were not living their lives to the fullest.