Learning to be patient

Taking the time to ground myself has helped me in my journey. Even if the outer conditions were less than ideal. By keeping myself whole I was able to stay focused on my dreams. I let the universe in my life to help me.

We might feel alone in our journey but when we learn to co-create with the universe, we are able to tap into the infinite possibilities. We also have to understand that it might take some time before everything comes together.

It is not on our own timing but the universe’s timing. Some of our dreams will come quickly, some might take years even decades before they come to fruition. We have to understand in order to have everything coming together in the best way possible perfect synchronicity must work its’ magic.

Patience is a virtue we need to learn and constantly remind ourselves were we are. I have lost my patience at times, screaming at the universe!  I wanted things to happen right now. That type of behavior did not help anything instead I felt more frustrated. I have learned to calm down. Refocusing that energy into creativity and faith.

Believing in my dreams, in my life. Not feeling that the weight of the world was on my shoulder. Instead I have learned to take a deep breath in and let go of the frustration.

Having two pups I have no choice but walk outside every single day. This is extremely helpful for me because I am taking the time to observe mother nature. I am also learning to focus on the pups. Not worrying about tomorrow, instead I am present in the walk and what we are doing.

Using this concept, you can do the same, maybe by doing yoga, running or other exercises you might like. This is a great way to channel your inner peace.

It also gives us a chance to let the universe give us some insight.