Starting a new chapter

Starting a new chapter in our lives can be scary. But when you have outgrown your job or a relationship, it is time to move on. Staying will not help us to continue to evolve instead we are limiting ourselves.

Being stuck somewhere we should not be. Being afraid to move on is scary for sure. We are creatures of habit, making changes can add some stress in our lives. When we learn to be grounded, we can levitate positivity in our lives.

Welcome changes, listening to our spirit. Seeing our lives as a journey of self-discoveries. Learning what we like or dislike, being open to try new things. Pushing our limits and letting our wildest dreams come true.

It sounds like a commercial but in fact if we are willing to do that, we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities. We are learning we can archive so much more when we are focusing on our happiness.

Becoming the trailblazers, we are. Not being afraid to let our spirit shine brightly. We are inviting the universe into our own life. We are willing to go beyond our own dreams.

Surprising ourselves on how much more complex we are. How often have you surprised yourself along your journey by realizing something you thought you would not be able to do?  It might be a project at work or even at home trying a new recipe or even doing some remodeling at home?

If you never had the possibilities to go into the unknown or try something new how would you know you were able to do that in the first place?   But once you do it, it shows you how much talent and the many skills you have hidden.

Why not start today? Why not be bold and go on the quest of self-discovery?

I have always dreamed big even as a child, I have learned through the years to remove the drama. Instead I focused on success and love letting my spirit guide me.