Being happy in our lives

Being happy is a feeling that comes from inside. Most people will try to find it out in the illusional world. Expecting someone to make them happy when most of the time they will be disappointed. Building up that hope someone can wave a magic wand above them to make them elated.

When you are starting on the quest of your life, you are opening your heart and discovering along your journey the only person that can truly make you happy is you.

There are no magic recipes for happiness. You can create your own happiness by changing the mantra that is playing in your head. By doing that you are starting to elevate your energy. At the beginning of the process you are going to fake it until you truly believe in it. Keep repeating your mantra over and over until finally you come to that moment you are believing in it.

Being happy is a state of mind, it is a feeling that starts in your heart. It is lighting up the fire in you. Your outer conditions will start to shift to more positive outcomes.

Realizing peace has enveloped your heart. You are not projecting anger in your voice. Your thoughts are softer and calmer, you are becoming whole and grounded.

By shifting our thoughts, we are becoming the better part of us. We are putting our ego to sleep while we are guided by our spirit. Nothing is more important than having peace of mind.

We are navigating uncertain waters in our lives but when we are willing to make the right changes for our highest good, we are finally on the right track, it doesn’t matter how long it will take to reach our holy ground.

We just need to focus on the next step and keep our dreams alive.