Creating our own world

Watching the morning break is a moment of reflection. Appreciating what I have in my life. Feeling the love of the universe upon the world. It is a beautiful moment to be present in.

The view from my window looks like a winter wonderland. I am appreciative of what I have and who I have in my life. I am not walking alone in my journey. I have created a circle of light that is supporting me in my journey.

I am smiling at the world, closing my eyes to see how magical my life is. Living a life outside of the ego world. Listening to my spirit and co-creating with the universe.

I have no need to compete against the world. Instead I am focusing on what next would I want to become. Transforming myself like a beautiful butterfly. Not feeling the pressure of the world on my shoulders.

I have lightened my burden by getting rid of the ties that were slowing me down. I have made peace with the past. I have refused to let the outer condition dictate what I should be.

I have understood and learned all my lessons. I am looking forward for a great ride this year. I am not afraid of my feelings but instead I am open to express them. Not willing to hide but showing my true colors.

We do not need to become part of the robot’s world but instead let our uniqueness shine brightly. We are the inspiration for the next generation, we are the trailblazers of our own life.

We do not need to follow the ego world’s rules but instead we should create our own. Always looking for what is for our highest good. Not feeling trapped in the world that is not ours. Creating a world of peace and love.