Living our life to the fullest

Living our life to the fullest requires us to be inspired. Being centered and let our spirit guide us along our journey. Feeling the love and light in our heart, not being worry on how this would all come to fruition but instead walking on the path to enlightenment.

It is a journey of a thousand lives we are embarking on when we are ready to step into the unknown. Not everyone will have the courage to step into uncharted territory.

When you are living your life lead by your ego, you will never stray away from the illusional world of the ego. This world is not who we are but a distraction from our life purpose. When you understand that you are able to quiet your ego and open your heart.

We all have free will, we can choose what we went to do or who we want to become. We do not need to let our outer condition dictated that instead we should open our heart and let our spirit be.

Not everyone has an easy journey. Some will have to overcome obstacles most of their lives while other will have an easy road. The focus for us is on how we can ease our journey.

By learning to focus on our dreams, not looking at what others have. Creating a new mantra in our mind. Not having a lack of but instead having plenty of. When you are adding positivity in your thoughts you are starting to shift your outer condition.

Nothing will be the same when you are starting to infuse your thoughts with positive energy. Becoming the better part of us starts by clearing your own garden, minding your business. Not spending our time in someone else’s life but instead weeding out what is not for our highest good.