Living the life we wanted

We can all have an idea how we want our life to become, but when the outer conditions are pushing us in a different direction, we might feel like we are fighting the current in the raging river of our life.

It also seems daunting to try to course correct our path. But the journey we are embarking on when we are ready to do that is not also amazing but full of surprises. Learning to co-create with the universe is opening the doors of infinite possibilities.

Realizing nothing is impossible when we put our mind to it. We do not need the help of the ego instead we just have to open our heart. By opening our heart, we are letting our spirit free. We are being guided to safety; we are connecting with the universe.

We are not feeling we are in competition with anyone but fully dedicated to improving our own life. Focusing on what is for our highest good, not willing to settle for something less.

Learning what we are all about, discovering our hidden gifts. Reinventing ourselves as we are growing and maturing. Like the diamonds we are showing our multi facets.

Learning to live a life of a thousand, using the skill sets we have learned and mastered throughout the years. Being open to continue to learn as we are moving along our journey.

Course correcting our path is what makes us move and evolve. We are not static in our lives, from being a toddler to a grown-up adult we are learning to adapt and change.

We are still along our path looking to improve our lives. Not willing to compromise for something that is not for our highest good. Why not start today, taking one step closer to live the life we always wanted?