Changing our path

As we are starting a new year, we can feel the new beginning in our heart. We do not need to overwhelm ourselves with a full list of new resolution. Instead why not start taking a few small steps one at a time? Too often people are setting high expectation that will work for two weeks but when life is taking over, they are dropping their resolutions like flies.

Making changes in our lives Is not like sprinting but much more like a marathon. The journey that takes us there is what makes our spirit grow and mature.

We have to learn our life lessons but also be open to infinite possibilities. Going on our journey we are walking on our own path. We can create our own experience when we fully understand what we can create.

The magic of the universe is always by our side waiting to help us in our journey. By opening our mind, we can definitely create the experience we want. We do not have to be afraid of unleashing our wildest dreams.

We do not have to become an observer in our lives but instead an active participant. Having found the peace of mind in my heart, I am able to create my own destiny. Not giving up on my dreams but instead continuing to move forward on my path.

Not feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders but being part of the flow. When you are taking the time to listen to your spirit, you are able to connect with the universe. You are being guided to new and uncharted territory; you are feeling alive. You are ready to embrace what is coming to you. You are feeling part of the world, not a stranger walking alone.

Why not start becoming who you are meant to be?