Being present in our lives part1

Being present in our lives helps us to create a new experience. Often, we are spending our time in the past reliving what we believe were wrongs done to us. Feeling if I would have said yes, I would have…. (fill in the blanks).

When we are blindsided by our ego, we are losing sight of what is for our highest good. It doesn’t mean we are a lost cause, but we can still change the course of our path.  Perhaps it would be a bumpy road to go back to our path, but it is not impossible to do it.

We have to learn to make the distinction between our ego and spirit. Learning to listen to our spirit will guide us to our holy ground. Opening our spirit up and discovering all the facets our spirit has. We are multidimensional beings we have so many hidden skills. The only way to uncover them is to go into uncharted territory.

While we are going on the quest of our own path, we are learning to open up our heart and let our beautiful spirit guide us. We are learning to shine our true light. We are learning who we truly are, what we like and what we don’t like. We are learning the ego world is not the path we need to be on.

We are the magician in our own life, we can create and co-create with the help of the universe.  Believing in ourselves, becoming more present in our lives. We all should be able to speak for ourselves. Learning to not give our powers away, not being a victim of our own outer condition.

Learning to makes amends for our wrongdoing. Making ourselves the top priority in our lives without becoming self-centered. By living our life through our spirit, we are becoming who we are meant to become.

Why not start today?