Taking time off

Feeling the cold wind on my face in the early morning is a nice way to wake up. Walking with the pups has helped me to stay focus on the basics. Not spending my time on social media but what is essential for my life.

Living a balanced life is challenging but adding the chaos of the ego world is even more distracting. We need to learn to center ourselves, taking the time to stay connected with our loved ones.

I like to take the time to walk with my pups because I keep my eyes open. I can see how beautiful mother earth is. I can focus on releasing any negative energy that has been accumulating in my body over the course of the day.

I learned to shift my focus on them not on work, instead I learned to unplug. I let my imagination take over my thoughts. It is relaxing to do that every day, regardless of the weather.

It also reminds me when I was a young girl, we had nothing to entertain ourselves so we would spend most of our time outside in nature. Letting my imagination running free while I was looking at the clouds.

Find a way to have at least 30 minutes a day to do something that doesn’t requires you to use your electronics. Cut yourself off from the world in order to recharge your energy.

It is always a great time for releasing all anxiety you might have accumulated during the day. When you are doing that every day you are allowing peace to come into your life.

You are grounding yourself and will be open to listen to your loved ones without feeling overwhelmed. We need to learn to slow down and appreciate what we have in our lives.

When you are learning to do that you are able to be present in your life.