Living our lives part 1

We all have the wisdom in our heart to do the right thing for ourselves and everyone. But our ego has a tendency to distract us from our life purpose. We do not need to stay in the illusional world of the ego to feel we are alive or being loved. When you go on your own journey of self-discovery you are opening the doors of infinite possibilities!

When we are walking into uncharted territory, we are becoming the trailblazer we are meant to become. We are starting to understand we can create our next experience. We are moving toward the world of the alchemist. Having the faith in our hearts, not being afraid of the unknown.

Instead we are open to dream bold, to become what we are meant to be. We are not shy to show our true colors and not worrying about what other people think of us. When we free ourselves from the ego world this is when we are transforming our lives.

This is when we are opening the doors of infinite possibilities. Creating a life, we are inspired to live. Letting our spirit guide us along the way. Not willing to compromise for something less than what we deserve.

We can reach our holy ground; we can be happy and blessed on our path. We have the support of the universe along the way. Learning to co-create with the universe is to ally ourselves with perfect synchronicity.

When we are letting perfect synchronicity into our lives, this is where magic comes to us. We do not need to struggle anymore. Partnering with the universe is like winning the lottery. We are helped along our journey. Everything we need will appear in due time.

We can finally feel at ease when we know the universe has our back.  We are not afraid of the unknown.