Choosing the people in our lives

The universe has its own way to show us which people are good for us and which are not. It might come as a surprise when the people you have trust in would make a decision that would impact you. Even placing you in an uncomfortable situation. The aftermath would be to discover that someone took it upon themselves to make a decision without letting you know. In their point of view, they believed they were doing the right thing even though it impacted you devastatingly.

It is a slap in the face when these kinds of situations are happening but at the same time it is a wakeup call to view those individuals through the lenses of truth. You always have a choice. Leaving them in your life and letting them continue on doing what they have always done, or you could walk away from them, living behind these kinds of actions.

We do not need to be acquainted with people that are not for our highest good. This includes not only friends but also members of our own family. There should not be any feelings of guilt when you are walking away. Instead peace should be in your heart.

There is absolutely no reason to surround ourselves with people we do not trust. We do not need to be watching over our shoulders when we are around them. Being happy is to surround ourselves with people who love us.

Choosing the people who surround us is part of maintaining our own garden. We need to take inventory of them from time to time. It is helping us to be able to reach our dreams. Having the right people would inspire us to continue to be the trailblazer we are meant to become. We should not be afraid to share our own feelings with them. Instead we can learn to open our heart and let our spirit be.

Living our own life is an adventure on its own so why not have the right company on our path?