Minding our own business

It is always easy to give advices to others but is always harder to follow our own. How often have you meet someone who was always giving unwanted advice to people while their own lives where just in shambles?

When we start to talk the talk and walk the walk, we are starting to change our own life. It might take some time for people to come to their own “ah ha moment” but when you are willing to do that you are ready to start a new chapter in your life.

When we learn to spend less time in other people’s business, we can actually tend our own garden. Living a life in the fast lane can make us lose precious time to be with our loved ones. We do not need to disconnect from the world to be happy. Instead we can take some time off from the distraction of social media and return to the basics.

When we take the time to engage in conversation with our loved ones, we are connecting with each other. We are strengthening the bounds we have. We too often take our own relationships for granted. Like everything we do we need to take care of it, it is part of our own garden.

Without the care and attention, we are not going to strengthening those relationships. What would you do to improve them? How would you connect with people you have lost contact with? Are you willing to continue with the ones’ that are toxic?

Take the time to change our schedule to open more time for our own family and loved ones. Learning to be flexible again.  How often have we let our lives be dictated by our outer conditions?  How often have we let our work take over our own life? We need to learn to balance work and life!

Not easy to do, but when we can shave some minutes from our busy schedule, we could be surprised at how much time we have to spare to be with our family.