My inspiration part 1

Feeling the flow, I am enjoying a moment of peace. Spending more time outside even if the weather is not the best, is a wonderful way to release the stress. We do not need to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Instead we should be focusing on what we can do to grow our own garden.

When we take the time to weed out what is not for our highest good. From people that might not want us to succeed or just don’t want us to be happy in our lives. From bad situations that keep on repeating because we have not learned our lessons. It is time for us to be honest with ourselves.

Being an observer in our lives is not going to help us to improve our situation. It is not pleasant to go through changes but when you are open to infinite possibilities that we need, we can finally course correct our journey.

We do not have to stay where we are if we are not happy. Being afraid of change is a normal feeling. We are going into uncharted territory. We just have to keep faith, believing in our spirit. Going through the transformation process to finally emerge on the other side.

Learning our life lessons, being happy to have moved on from where we were. Not willing to compromise, but instead being empowered to take charge of our own lives. Our dreams should guide us to our holy ground.

We should not be afraid to live our dreams instead of hiding behind masks. Living a thousand lives is to create new experiences. Learning to be happy from the within, listening to our spirit. Not being deterred by the obstacles we could face. Learning to co-create with the universe.

We all have our own heart’s desire, why not start to listen to it today?