Becoming the magician in our own life

Creativity can come at any given time. From a conversation with a friend to a walk-in nature. When we are distracted from our life we can relax and finally let our spirit and the universe inspire us. This is the reason we need to learn to turn off all electronics and go back to the basics.

It is not easy when we are living our life in the rat race. But we need to disconnect with that lifestyle in order to go back to basics. Not feeling we are spending our time in social media but instead connecting with our loved ones. We do not need to feel we have to compete with anyone else. Instead listen to our inner voice that will guide us to our life purpose.

We do not have to continue to be influenced by the ego world, we can make our own decisions. We can walk on our own path. Is everyone going to agree with us along our path? No!  Are some going to make fun of us? Yes. Are you willing to let them get to you? No why should I, when I know I am guided by my spirit. Knowing it resonates inside of me. I am not worried about the ego world. Being on my path is what I am focusing on. I am not looking for anyone’s approval.

Instead I am asking my higher self to guide me in my journey. Continuing to open the doors of endless possibilities. Showing me what my spirit is all about. We have so much more growing and maturity to do. Why should I or anyone waste time on the wrong path?

When we are on our journey, we are learning to overcome obstacles, creating a new experience. Believing in ourselves, learning to co-create with the universe. We are the magician, the alchemist, the rising stars that can inspire others. We can all change the course of our lives if we are staying focused and dedicated to our own dreams that are for our highest good and highest good of everyone.