Changing our mantras

How we project ourselves sets the course for our experience. We are often complaining about our lives, but most people do not realize the more they are doing that the more negative experience they are projecting. We need to be cautious of the mantra we are playing in our mind.

How often have you felt you are not paid enough for the work you are currently doing? How often have you felt you are not feeling part of the team at work but more like an outcast? How often have you felt you are always passed over on projects? How often have you felt your boss is always on your back for anything and everything?

These are the kinds of situations that might sound familiar to you. How do you stop all of that? How do we shift our mantras from negative to positive? How long would it take us to shift to a new positive experience?

It requires us to listen to what we keep playing in the back of our head. That same old negative affirmation we keep repeating like a broken record. We do not have to be the victim of any circumstances. We still have to understand that we have to learn our life lessons, but we do not have to amplified them because of the situation we are currently in by letting our ego dramatize everything. Instead we need to focus our mantra on seeing everything being resolved for our highest good and the highest good of everyone.

When we start to change the mantra that is playing in the back of our head, we are starting to set a new affirmation, we need to listen to what other thoughts are coming through. It can be tiring at the beginnings, but it is worth the effort. Within a month your new mantra will replace the old broken song. Life will start to shift for the better.