Walking on our own path

Enjoying a moment of peace when we are in the middle of changes helps us to center ourselves. We need to learn to stay inside of our body not trying to project ourselves into the future. Becoming the better part of us requires us to focus back on ourselves. Listening to our spirit, being open to let the universe help us along the way.

The hardest part is to let the universe in. Most often we think we know what is best for us when in fact we don’t know. The universe has a bird’s eye view of our lives; we cannot see what is best for us. By letting the universe in our lives, we are opening the doors to infinite possibilities but foremost what is for our highest good.

Becoming the magician again, letting our inner child be free. Listening to ideas and dreams that will help us in our journey. How often have we had an idea but when it was shared with someone, we were told it was stupid or were laughed at. When in fact that idea was worth billions of dollars.

When you are listening to your spirit you are partnering with the universe. Letting perfect synchronicity work its magic by bringing the right people on your path. Making your dreams come true.

It is amazing when you are working with your spirit what you can accomplished and how easy things are unfolding. I have seen miracles happen right in front of me when I had no idea on how to get things done. But when it is for your highest good the universe will back you up.

You are guided to succeed; you are feeling like you are walking on clouds. Everything is moving and shifting quickly. It is amazing to see how the universe works, realizing we are not alone in this journey.