Exploring the unknown

Exploring the unknown can be frightening at first. Not knowing where we are going, we need to keep an open mind. Not setting up some expectation along the path only focusing on the outcome. When you do that you are allowing the universe to help you along the way.

Learning to be present in our lives, how often have we projected ourselves into the future. Not being present trying to avoid what we have to face as a life lesson. I have done that on a few occasions feeling frustrated because nothing was moving fast enough for me. But I couldn’t accept I had to go through the motion facing what was in front of me. Not willing to do that at first did not help me to move forward in my journey but stalled me.

During the course of our lives we are going to be faced by situations that are less pleasant than others. We do not have to hide, instead we should focus on seeing a happy ending. This will shift the situation; we do not have to feel trapped in a world that is not ours. But instead we can start to create a new experience by seeing ourselves happy.

We are here to live our life to the fullest, we do not have to become the victim of our outer condition. We need to keep on learning to dream big, learning to visualized ourselves happy. Not willing to succumb to the illusional world, instead learning to listen to our spirit.

Letting ourselves be guided by our spirit. Listening to the little voice that will guide us to safety. When you are learning to connect with your spirit you are in direct communication with the universe. Everything will start to shift for the better. You are in the driver’s seat.