The chessboard of our lives

Being a player in the chessboard that is our life, requires us to not become an observer in our own life. Hoping someone will save us, instead of us doing the walk on our own path. Not giving our powers away but instead learning to co-create with the universe.

We all have different goals we would like to archive. We do not have to be influenced by the illusional world of the ego. instead we should tap into our spirit. Walking into the unknown, learning to discover who we truly are. What can we co-create for our highest good and the highest good of everyone?

Understanding the doors of infinite possibilities are accessible to each and every one of us. We do not have to become who are not but instead starting to go on the quest of discovering who our sprit is. I have gone on that journey of a thousand lives that brought me here today.

It has been an interesting life learning to adapt and move along the river that is my journey. Not feeling the need to compete against anyone but listening to my inner voice. I have moved mountains along my path. I became a trailblazer, someone who always had an open door in front of me.

Not willing to compromise my authentic self for anything or anyone. Willing to learn who I am, peeling the layers of my spirit to discover what I am made of. Never settling for less than what my spirit guided me to.

How often do we want to become invisible to the world, not wanting to live a life that is not ours? Never feeling we are home with anyone. But instead a stranger in the harsh world.

Finding our way back home is to open our heart and let our spirit free. It is intimidating or even scary but when we are willing to be on our journey, we know the universe will be by our side.