Choosing our lives

As we are walking into the new year, the sense of new year new you are upon us. We have a chance to decide what are we planning to accomplish in the upcoming year. We do not need a five-year plan; we only need to plan for this year.

Let’s start with a vision board, what is your heart ‘s desire?  Instead of being afraid of the what if but focus on listening to your spirit. Let your spirit guide you to unleash what you are capable of creating.

We can dream or we can wake up the alchemist that is dormant in us. Creating the magic, we want to experience next. Not feeling we are running out of time or are not on the right path.

We need to stay focused on our dreams. Life has so much more to offer when we are minding our own business. How can we become the alchemist if we are not willing to attend our own garden?

Spending our time in the ego world will not help you to continue on your path. Being able to accomplish what our heart desires not what our ego desires. Spending our time in the illusional world can be attractive but our goal is to be the trailblazers we can become.

Not easy to set our own standards but we can archive them if we keep our eyes on our goals. Ensuring it is always for our highest good the universe, with its perfect synchronicity, will help us to meet them or attain even better.

We are dreamers we are creators and designers; we just need to believe in ourselves. Not worrying what other thinks about what we are doing. Instead surrounding ourselves with people that are here for our highest good. It is our life’s purpose to create our own experience.