Living my life to the fullest

We can live our lives to the fullest or we can continue to hide from our spirit. How many times have we felt the pressures of the world on our shoulders? Wanting to be who we are meant to become requires us to step into the quest of our life.

The unknown is where we can finally realize the universe is our playground. We can decide who we want to become. By dreaming and co-creating with the universe we are tapping into infinite possibilities. We can become the master of our own life.

We are not depending on our outer condition we are depending on what we want to become. If we can step back and see we are the one in the driver’s seat, the chess game that is our life will shift. Learning to dig deep into our core, unlocking our spirit. Nothing will ever be the same when you are ongoing in the unknown.

As we are going through our journey, we are here to not only learn from our life lessons but also create our own experience. The awakening of our spirit happens when we are willing to let our ego sleep.

It might be difficult to do that when we are distracted by the ego world but when we learn to quiet ourselves, we are capable of openIng our heart to let our spirit be.

When we have an open heart, we are able to accomplish so much more. Seeing life in a way that makes everything possible. Spending our time creating new experiences. Learning to live a balanced life. Not willing to compromise but instead, living our dreams to the fullest.

Having lived a thousand lives, I have spent my time reinventing myself. Discovering the better part of me. Not worrying about tomorrow but living in the present moment.