My own happiness

Happiness begins in our hearts; it is not the outside world that gives us this. Most people would seek outside what is inside of them. Nothing or no one can make you happy, only you can generate that feeling.

We can feel the wonders of the universe in our heart, we can connect with our spirit. Letting the beauty of the world touch our hearts. Not letting anyone rain on our parade but instead keep believing in ourselves.

No one will ever believe in us if we are not the first one to do it. if we are not the cheerleaders pushing forward to realize our dreams.

I have been my own cheerleader since the beginning. I have felt the shadow of darkness around me. Walking into the unknown not knowing when the light will show. I have kept focusing my rage to take the next step I needed to take.

Never forgetting how painful it was to let go of what wasn’t for my highest good. I am now walking on my path with a light step.  I have made peace with everything and everyone. I am not focusing on the past, I have turned my back to it moving forwarding into my journey.

By enjoying each moment, I have, I define the world I am in by the way I co-create with the universe. I am still enjoying a moment of mischief, not taking myself too seriously.

Learning to co-create an experience where happiness and joy are on the top of the list is what I am looking for. I am not willing to let anyone disturb my world. I am the master of my own destiny regardless of my outer condition. I will move mountains and walk on fire to get to my holy ground. I will never lose focus of my happiness which is within me.