My life my changes

Walking in the cold with the pups early in the morning is a great way to wake up. Changing our lives is always a process but it is rewarding. In the middle of the chaos you can find a moment of peace. For me it is to be with the pups outside when the world has not fully awakened. Feeling the cold on my face while I am strolling with them on the trails.

Making time to clear my mind and be blessed with everything I have. Not feeling the need to rush into the crazy world but instead feeling whole and grounded. This is a humbling moment when your mind is still at peace. Observing the world with the eyes of a child. Not feeling the pressure of the world on my shoulders.

Instead, a nice brisk walk into the dark morning with only a flashlight on hand and two young pups ready to run into the snow. It is a wonderful time to feel the love of the universe in my heart. Not worrying about today or tomorrow. Instead being focused on our walk, it is a sacred moment.

It is always a great way to observe mother nature. While it is cold the beauty of the snow on the trees reminds me, I am stepping into the wonderland of nature. The beauty is breathtaking, when you open your eyes you are capable to see how magical mother nature is.

I have not taken the time in the past to explore my surrounding enough. I lost track of what was going on around me because I was too focus on the work I was doing. I am learning to appreciate my surrounding and how blessed I am.

Finally, I have unpacked my life and I have learned to be present in the world I am living in. I am not ignoring the signs the universe is sending me. I see everything and everyone around me, I am appreciative of the people that are in my life. I am feeling in synch with the universe.