Walking towards my happy ending

We all want our happy ending, a world of love and contentment. But for most of us it is the journey of a lifetime that materialized in front of us. Overcoming our life lessons by walking into the darkness. While on our path we are starting to see people coming to give us a hand. Helping us along the way, we are starting to realize we are not alone in our journey.

Even though we are the one walking on our own path, we need to keep the faith in our heart. Continuing to believe in us, letting the universe help us along the way. Be open to receive with open arms, feeling blessed in our journey. Focusing on our own dreams. Taking care of our own garden, like a master gardener attending carefully to our creations to ensure that the weeds are removed to let the flowers grow and blossom.

It takes focus and dedication to archive our goals, but it is worth the journey. Facing the raging river of our lives is learning how to navigate any chaos we might be encountering. Changes require us to take a full inventory of our lives, making the changes we need to allow new things to come into our lives.

We cannot change if we are not willing to let go of what is not for our highest good. Learning to be present in our lives, not focusing on the future but being here in the present.

Going into the unknown makes me feel alive, I do not have any bearings neither do I know what is waiting for me but by keeping my eyes on my dreams I let perfect synchronicity work its magic. I am not doing it alone, instead I am partnering with the universe. I am not afraid to do it knowing that I am not alone in my journey.