My own journey

I am not afraid of tomorrow; I have let go of my fears and kept faith in my heart that everything will be alright. Whatever changes I need to go through will be for my highest good.

No matter how uncomfortable it is, I know I am not alone. I have an army behind me helping me every step of the way. I have opened the doors of infinite opportunities. I am listening to my spirit’s guidance; I am not hiding anymore.

I am not hiding anymore; I am here to stay and continue on my journey of a thousand lives. I have become the magician learning to lean on the universe to provide me with everything I need.

I have named but also claimed what is rightfully mine. I have not looked at what others have but instead what is for my highest good. I have kept my dreams focused on my happy ending. I am not here to compete against anyone I am here to push myself further down my path.

I have learned what being authentic means, but also, I have kept my integrity intact. I have not fallen into the illusional world for fifteen minutes of fame, instead I have learned to be humble on my path. Remembering myself, where I came from, not taking anything for granted.

Realizing we are changing and evolving, nothing stays as is. We are growing and maturing at our own pace. I do not feel we are running out of time but instead I have learned to slow down time.

I have moved mountains to be where I am today, my humble beginnings have thought me so much. Not having it that easy in my life has made me who I am today. I have not lost myself in the process, instead I have continued to believe in love.