My better part of me

Going to the seaside of our lives is our holy ground. The moment we are at peace, in synch with the universe. feeling whole and grounded, the moment we reach Nirvana. Not forcing anything in our lives but instead going with the flow of the universe and that is when we can claim our holy ground.

We can archive that when we are surrendering to the universe. leaning and having faith everything will be alright. Enjoying where we are in the present moment, turning off all distraction so we can focus on our loved ones.

We do not need to exaggerate or dramatize everything we do, thinking we have to show the world who we are. Instead we are not running out in the future. We are taking the time to embrace who we are and living in the moment.  We are focusing on the next generation that will take what we have started to the next level.

We are claiming what we truly believe in our hearts, and that is that the universe will always prevail one way or another. We must keep our inner child alive in our heart. Letting ourselves feel the freedom we need to create a new experience that will guide us closer to our goals. Feeling the empowering energy of creativity in our heart.

Having faith our spirit will guide us to safety while we are learning to co-create with the universe. Not willing to become the shadow of ourselves, but instead the rising star that will inspire others.

If we are willing, for one moment, to let our ego sleep, we could see how beautiful the world really is. We would not feel the need to run after the illusional world and possess every single shiny object.

Having found your voice, you are learning to let your spirit shine. I have walked on my own path and I have not forgotten my humble beginnings. Instead, I have learned to appreciate every single struggle and pain that opened my heart and let my spirit shine