A journey of realization

The journey to realize our wildest dreams is what will help us grow and mature. We have a choice to stay where we are or take the path of the unknown towards our biggest dreams.

It is scary to leave the comfort of our lives to start all over again. Are you currently happy with your job? Do you feel you are living the dream? Are you happy to get up every morning? Do you feel whole in your life? Are you fulfilled? Do you have any dreams you have not archived yet?

These simple questions should be answered truthfully. If you feel you are not where you need to be, what exactly is missing in your life? Is it your job, the house you are living in? what are your dreams? Are you planning on reaching them?

What’s holding you back from realizing them?  What are you afraid of? Sometimes when we are walking on the path to realize our dreams, we are afraid to actually have them come to fruition. Wanting something for so long can make us doubt it would ever happen but when those dreams come and knock on our door are you going to open it and let them in?

Perhaps you feel you are not worthy of living your dream, or you are not going to be able to do it. We are afraid of failing, but the best way to know it is to claim it. When you are going into it messy you are learning to become a student of life. Nothing will never be easy than the first step you take toward your big dream.

You do not have to continue to live a life that is not yours. Making the changes in your life will help you to open the doors of infinite possibilities.

You are becoming alive when you are finally on your holy ground.