My journey

We can go down the dark aisle of our lives to reach our happy ending. We can be waiting in uncharted territory to rise above obstacles coming along the way. We are here to reach our holy ground.

The journey that takes us there might be filled with challenges that help us to grow and mature. We always have a choice. One is retreat and be stuck in the life that is not ours with a heart filled with resentment? Or we can just jump with both feet into the unknown. Willing to brave the challenges that are waiting for us.

It might not be an easy road, but the rewards are even sweeter when we finally reach the end. Nothing will ever be given to us on a silver platter, but we can turn everything negative that comes along to positive. We can change the outer condition we are currently in when we are willing to have faith in us.

Believing in yourself is the key to our own success. How can we have people believing in us if we don’t believe in ourselves first? Changes are coming to help us; it might be uncomfortable to ride the wave, but it is what makes us.

I have been at peace in the middle of the chaos. Leaning on the universe to support me along the way. I wish I had not had to have gone through the chaotic road I had in front of me, but without it, I had nowhere to go.

I have refused to give up on my dreams. Keeping them safe in my heart, quietly engineering my existence. I have moved graceful out of the picture that wasn’t mine. I have made myself invisible to others when I needed some rest before I continued to walk on my journey.

I have shielded my heart so the beauty and kindness would not be destroyed when I was navigating the raging river of my life. I have protected myself from the harsh lessons of my life. I have risen from adversity with my beautiful heart.