In Time of Uncertainty

My spirit has inspired me my entire life. I have done the impossible because I refused to settle for what wasn’t for my highest good. I have heard people telling me I couldn’t do anything.

I have disregarded them, but instead I welcomed the people who were sent by the universe on my path. Helping me to learn to love and trust again. I have learned to become human again. I have taken the leap of faith to lean on the universe.

I have felt the magic of the universe in every step I have taken. I have faced darkness head on. I have refused to give up on my dreams when I could not see anything.

I have kept faith in my heart that I will one day get out of the life that wasn’t mine. I have walked into the unknown following my dreams. Not knowing what tomorrow would bring me.  I have given back to the causes I believed in. I have let Karma deal with people who have done me wrong.

I have cut the cords of resentment and anger. I have learned to rise from my ashes. I have become the better part of me even if temptation was knocking at my door.

I never took the easy road but created my own path while I learned about my spirit. I have discovered who I truly am, even though I still have more to discover.

I am a student of life, always open to learn. Not willing to take shortcuts but instead enjoying the journey I am on.

We can learn to reinvent ourselves when we are willing to let our spirit shine and discovering who we truly are.

I have learned much as I am walking on my holy ground. The beauty of who we truly are is an amazing journey that cannot be lived through the ego world.