Becoming the rising stars

Being inspired requires us to become a kid again. Letting our imagination run free. Letting the fire in us burn stronger, how often have we put a lid on our spirit to try to belong.

But at the end of the day we feel the emptiness in our heart because we were not authentic, true to ourselves. We do not need to become part of the robot’s world. We can walk on our own path, rising like bright shining stars.

We all have our own path to create, learning to become the better part of us. Not giving up on our dreams. Not letting anyone singing off key in our chorus but instead let the love inside of us grow.

Becoming the better part of us, learning to mind our own business. Planting the seeds in our own garden, attending to their needs so we can let them grow and flourish.

How often have you sacrificed your dreams for someone else? How often have you felt betrayal by people that wanted only to take advantage of you? How often have you felt disappointed when you realized someone has turned their back on you when you most needed them?

Life has a way to teach us our life lessons but also re-setting the balance. Making sure we are doing a full inventory of our lives. From people who are not on the same plain with us or keeping animosity and jealousy in our heart. We are to get rid of old mantras and habits that are not for our highest good.

We are always learning and evolving, seeing life through a different perspective. Letting go of the past to finally create a wonderful present. Not feeling alone in this world but part of a wonderful circle of light.

I have seen too much to stop in my tracks. I am here to continue what I have started.