Finding our path

We all want to have a sense of belonging in the world, when our outer conditions are less than ideal, we might feel like a stranger in it. Creating our own experience helps us to change the course of our lives. Not willing to let our circumstances dictate our next experience.

It is challenging to stay positive when the walls are closing in on us. We have the capabilities to change that. How you may ask? Simply by using our minds. Starting to imagine a new experience.

Creating a movie in our heads while feeling the energy of what it feels like. For instance, you are looking for a new job. Imagine yourself having it, even though you have no idea what company, position or even salary you are going to have. Imagine in the present tense you have it. Fill your body with the energy of joy and happiness. Create a new mantra like “I am happy, I have my dream job, the salary is higher than my previous job. I am elated.

Repeat this mantra embracing the feeling you already have that job. The universe with perfect synchronicity will start to go to work for you. What you have to do is put your resume together, post it on job boards and start to look for a job. Also start to network. While you are taking these steps and imagine you have a new position, the universe will start its work and pave the way for you to have the right job.

It might come from someone you have networked with or simply coming across a job position that resonates with you. Using this example, you can attack what is for your highest good in your life.

You are the magician, the alchemist that can materialize what you need in your life.