Being present in our lives Part 2

When you are stepping off from the hamster’s wheel, starting to slow down you can finally see what is around you.

We are spending so much time running around we are forgetting how beautiful nature is. After a fresh snow fall it can feel like wonderland when walking on the trail, we have stepped into a hallmark movie. A beautiful wonderland that is breath taking. Discovering how wonderful nature is.

Those are the moments when you finally learn to be in the present moment. Looking with a fresh eye at your surroundings not feeling the urge to run away but instead standing still. Observing the wonders of nature, smiling at what you are seeing. Appreciating every single step, you are taking.

From time to time, I have taken everything for granted forgetting to stop and looking at my surrounding. Felling blessed and grateful of what is to come in my life but also appreciate the time I am spending with nature. I have also learned to appreciate my life. It doesn’t mean I have archived my goals, but I have stopped for a few minutes. Learning to ground myself, not letting the outer condition I am in deter me from slowing down.

Being present in the moment is to open our eyes seeing the world through our spirit. Centering ourselves being whole and grounded.

Finding the peace, we need to continue on our journey. When living a life in the fast lane we are losing sight of being present in our lives. I have forgotten that from time to time because I immersed myself in my job. Forgetting who I was, what my mission was all about. Entering the world of the ego, losing my identity but the universe reminded me that this is not where it is at.

I have taken so many detours in my life that now I am looking life through my spirit. Feeling blessed to be part of the world not on the edge, looking in.