Letting our spirit guiding us

It is always interesting to let the universe and perfect synchronicity work its magic. From finding a new job, meeting a new mate or winning a trip of a lifetime. We are feeling blessed when we are learning to live in the present moment.

Not feeling any boundaries but instead tapping into the infinite possibilities the world has to offer. I have learned to stay on track with my dreams even when the outer conditions were less than ideal.

I have not let anyone rain on my parade, instead I let my spirit rise like the phoenix. Becoming one with the universe, having faith everything will be fine. I believe in my spirit. I know deep in my core the guidance I follow is for my highest good.

We can all learn to co-create, it is not for the few chosen but everyone. You need to let your ego go to sleep first. Then you ask your spirit what is for your highest good. If you are looking to change the course of your life, you can ask the universe to help you along the way.

Our journey is to become the trailblazer, the magician to create new experiences. Learning our life lessons while continue to grow and mature. We can become who we are meant to be by following our spirit’s guidance. How often have we listened to our ego? Spending our time wanting something that is not for our highest good. Not willing to see what is best for us. When we decide to step outside of that world, we finally are ready to go on the quest of our lives.

Not giving up on our life’s dreams but learning to be the 2.0 version of ourselves.

It might take some time before we can archive our dreams, the journey that takes us there is what helps us to become who are.