Living our dreams Part 3

Never settle for something that is not for your highest good. Never let anyone dictate what you should become. Always learning from the whisper of our spirit. I have walked a long journey to where I need to be. I have, along the way, learned to reinvent myself.

We are more then what we think we are. If you look into a mirror right now and see your spirit, what do you see? Someone who can accomplished anything or a pale shadow of your spirit?

How often have you wanted to do something but were too afraid to actually do it? What stopped you from doing it? How many excuses have you laid out in front of you to back out of the opportunity of a lifetime?

I have found excuses to not walk on the wrong path, but I was also afraid to take the first step. It took me all the courage I had in me to finally take a leap of faith. Sometimes we do not feel ready when in fact we are.

We might feel overwhelmed by our outer conditions, we should learn to ground ourselves. Co-creating with the universe brings us the support we need to archive our dreams. Often, we can feel alone on our path not feeling the support of the universe.

When you learn to work with the universe you are actually unleashing the magic. Perfect synchronicity always works on our behalf for our highest good. We do not need to let our ego interfere with the process. Having faith everything will work out for the best.

Even if we do not see anything happening when we want it to, the universe will always be working on our behalf. We should stay focused on the outcome not the how. Let synchronicity assemble all the pieces to create the map you need to use to navigate the raging river that is our life.