The explorer within us

We are explorers by nature, we are curious minds that can create a world of beauty and wonder. But when we stop to be curious, we are losing the magic in us. We are becoming dormant; we are letting the flow of the world take over our lives.

We have the opportunity at any given time to change our outer conditions. We do not have to be part of the robot’s world. Instead we can shift the direction of our life.

How often have you felt you were not in the right place, the feeling of being displaced in a world that is not ours. Living a life that is not ours but becoming an observer in our own life.

How often have you felt something is missing, not feeling whole? Wondering what is absent in your life.

When you are going on the quest of your life, you are becoming the explorer of your own spirit. Learning who you truly are, not willing to compromise a life that is not yours.

Instead you are willing to take the leap of faith and move forward into the unknown.  Feeling the life, you have been living wasn’t the one you wanted but instead feeling the energy of freedom in your body.

Enjoying each step, learning to be comfortable in the darkness. Not willing to let your outer condition dictates your next step but instead leaning on the universe to guide you along the way.

Not easy when you are not in control of everything. Learning to co-create and have faith that your outcome will be for your highest good. Not easy to let the universe help you on your journey.

It is always a great life lesson when you are walking on your own path. Not being worried of what people might think.