Becoming who I am

Not living our life to the fullest is being separated from our spirit and is not accomplishing what we are meant to experience here and now. Not easy with the world of distraction at the tip of our fingers. Not easy to walk away from a world of illusion.

But when you are ready to have faith, believe in yourself, and test yourself to the limit and beyond you are becoming the butterfly breaking out of its chrysalis, you are becoming your own beautiful spirit. Your becoming alive, you are breaking ground for your wildest dreams.

You are who you are meant to become. You are the rising star inspiring others to become the trailblazers. Creating your own legacy, becoming the first domino that will start to create the changes in your outer condition.

Nothing is more rewarding than walking into the unknow. Feeling you have no bearings but learning to re-invent yourself. Not worrying what others might think but instead focusing on what is right for you.

How often have you felt the walls were closing in on you? How often have you felt you were not in the right place? How often have you felt something was missing in your life?

When you are willing to walk on your own path you are opening the doors to infinite possibilities. Nothing can stop you when you are focused on creating for your highest good.

You might be distracted by the illusional world, but you can feel deep in your core this is not the right place for you to be. You are starting to seek what is right for you. What you need to feel whole.

When you go on your quest to discover your spirit, you are becoming who you are meant to be. Nothing becomes impossible but instead everything is opening up for you.