Our own path part 2

Everything is possible when you know who you are! This should be our mantra, not being worried about anything. But keeping ourselves focus on our path, our journey.

I always felt walking on my own path what the best thing for me. As a young kid living in a poor environment, I never saw myself lacking anything. I let my fertile imagination guiding me.

Not being worried about the outer condition but creating a magical world for me to take refuge in when thing where not looking good. I pretended to be someone who had everything.

That state of mind helped me along my journey. It helped me not to giving up on my dreams. Helping me to pull myself out of a life that wasn’t mine to start with. Fighting every single step to reach my holly ground.

Having experience the worst situation I could ever gone through I kept focusing on my spirit. Dreaming of a better tomorrow. Learning to appreciate what I had while feeling in my body the next experience I want to materialize.

We have to learn who we are and what we are capable to archive in our lives. It doesn’t mean everything will be given to us on a silver platter. Sometimes we have to go and get it.

I have not spent my time to be resentful of what others had but instead I have inspired myself to dream bigger. Pushing the boundaries that wasn’t meant to be on the front of me. I have encouraged others to walk on their own path and applaud them as they reached their holy ground.

We do not have to feel we are in competition with each other when we are walking on our own path. Instead we need to learn to cheer each other.