My thoughts part 3

Losing myself in the world that wasn’t mine, not willing to give up my dreams. Feeling out of place in the middle of the crowd. Wanting to be alone to reflect and feel whole, fully connected with the universe.

Not willing to compromise but open to change and break free. Nothing will ever be the same when you are taking the first step into the unknown. Not willing to give up my dreams but instead partnering with the universe.

I have fought too many battles to give up on my life, on my path. Nothing will ever dictate to me how I should behave. I have set my own course, my own path, I have chosen to become who I am today.

I have not compromised my spirit for anyone nor anything. I have refused to succumb under the charms of the ego world. I have set my own standards. I have kept my integrity.

I have chosen to become the rising star; I have believed in myself. Nothing is more precious then the moment of peace. Looking at the years I have traveled, I am still a student of life. Taking one step at a time, breathing along the path. Opening the doors of transformation. Transmuting stale energies to make myself positive again.

I have infused my world of peace and love. I have given hope when there was none. I have dreamed of hope and joy, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I have not let anyone or anything rain on my parade.

I have reflected on my past actions while learning not to repeat them. I have appreciated my circle of light. I have felt the love of my closest friends. I have not giving up my humor but instead I have learned to laugh at adversity.

My resilience has brought me where I am today. I have fused myself with the universe. I can rest in peace knowing that I am blessed and loved.