Taking a leap of faith

It is never too late to change; it is never too late to become the better part of us. It might take a lot courage for some of us to realized we are not our past. It might take some time for people to realized we have changed.

Feeling the spirit of the universe upon us. Not knowing what is right or wrong but becoming the student of life. It is inspiring when we are being pulled apart by the universe realizing we are not who we thought we were, instead we are learning to open our heart. To finally feel, becoming the better part of us is to be authentic and honest.

It is toxic to be living in the past, so instead start making peace within ourselves. Healing from our mistakes and past hurts. Letting go and cutting the cords of pain and resentment that have not been undone yet. Becoming free of the anchors we tied around our ankles.

Feeling the love of the universe upon us. Becoming our spirit, letting our feelings be. Not worrying about what people might think but instead learning to focus on the next step.

When you begin taking a full inventory of where you are and where you would like to be you are starting to change the course of your life. It can be denting but it is rewarding when you are on the quest of your life.

Learning to plant the seeds in your own garden. Learning to mind your own business. Not being worried about tomorrow but taking it one day at a time. How often have you dreamed of a different life? How often have you wished you were happy and successful?

It is not too late to do that, when you are willing to take the leap of faith. I have taken mine years ago listening to my spirit. I have learned so much through my life. I’m still a student of life until my last breath.