Paradise on the ground

I am happy I have meet you. My life has changed for the better, without I would not have experience the chaos of a wild ride. Nothing has been the same since I met you. I have become the chameleon, letting my spirit shine like a diamond.

It is never too late to learn who we are. The journey of transformation guides us to our ultimate destination. That destination is our life purpose, not willing to compromise for a life that is not meant to be ours.

But instead taking the leap of faith by walking into the darkness. Not knowing what is up or down. Being open to experience the chaos that is necessary to change us.

Seeing ourselves safe and supported along that journey. Living in the unknown is scary and unsettling. Feeling vulnerable and over exposed, wanted to close ourselves off to protect us. But when you are walking into the unknow you are opening yourself up. You are becoming the transformation of a lifetime. You are ready to open your heart to let your spirit shine.

Reaching deep inside of you to unveil the gifts that are dormant. Becoming resilient in that quest. Not willing to go backward but instead continuing to push forward.

We are the master of our own destiny; we are the dreamers, the trailblazers. Why should we settle into a life that is not ours? We need to believe in ourselves, letting our imagination guide us. Learning to co-create with the universe.

Living a thousand lives is to embrace every single aspect of our spirit. We are more than one dimension. We have so much more to learn about ourselves, we have so many hidden gifts. Our quest should be focused on our spirit not playing safe anymore but becoming who we are meant to become.

Letting my world be turned upside down has helped me to discover who I truly am.