Walking on my own path part 2

Feeling grateful for a year that was chaotic, but in the midst of all, the blessings came along in the form of people that walked into my life. You never know what life will bring you when you are going on the quest of finding you.

We never truly know who we are until we are facing the challenges in our lives. Walking on our own path requires us to believe in us. Listening to our spirit guiding us in our journey.

Feeling inspired to get up in the morning, changing our outer condition. Leading our children to reach their potential by showing them how to become the trailblazers.

We can redefine our outer condition by dreaming. Letting our imagination run free, creating a world of peace and love. Nothing will ever change if we are not at the forefront of life.

We can wish as much as we want but if we are not ready to claim what is rightfully ours, how can we improve our life? Settling in the life that is not ours is not what we are supposed to experience.

Living a true life is learning our life lessons while creating new experiences. Taking the time to be present in our life. Not running into a future that is not here yet. Instead, learning to be present, learning to course correct our path for our highest good.

Not giving up on ourselves but, instead, focusing our attention on our dreams. Not giving up. We do not need to follow the illusional world of the ego to feel a sense of belonging.

We belong in the world of peace, not chaos, we do not have to chase the shiny objects the illusional world wants us to be distracted to.  We do not need to waste our time in it. Instead we should be focusing on our life purpose.