Becoming a kid again

We all have a dream.  We all have aspirations to become someone. But would it be at the expense of our spirit? Would you sell your spirit to become popular? Would you step over someone to take something that is not meant to be yours?

We can realize our dreams when we are willing to go on the quest for our life purpose. I have dreamed of a better life for myself, leaving behind me what wasn’t mine to have.

I have left a life that wasn’t mine to becoming a trailblazer. Letting my spirit shine in times of darkness. Guided by the universe to be on my path. Nothing will ever be the same when you start to co-create with the universe. I had no one to guide me on my journey.

I had to utilize my skills to walk on my path. I have continued to have faith when the darkness set upon me. I have walked on fire to reach my holy ground. I have fought my way to where I am today.

I have changed the course of my life by reinventing myself. Discovering each facet of my spirit. Learning to know what I like and don’t like, never settling for less than what my spirit desires for me.

When we learn to connect with the universe, we are changing our outer condition. We are learning to open ourselves to infinite possibilities. Becoming like Peter Pan, letting our imagination run free. We are learning to become a kid again. Seeing the world of wonders with huge childlike eyes. Not creating invisible barriers that will stop us to realize our biggest dreams.

Instead we are learning that nothing is impossible, possibilities are all around us. We just need to open our eyes and see them. When you are changing the way, you think your world is going to change for the better.