My path, my life

Feeling the pressures of the world can be at times overwhelming. Becoming the better part of us can be challenging. Being influenced by the illusional world, trying to emulate others to be visible is a double-edged sword.

Instead we should go on the quest to discover who we truly are. What our life purpose is. How we can help each other for our highest good. Using our imagination can help us to archive our wildest dreams but also open the door to infinite possibilities.

Living a life of thousands is to peel the layer that surrounds our spirit. Learning who we are is the quest of our life. Who can we know we truly are if we are not going into the unknown? I have not become who I am today if I would have stayed where I was born. I would not have moved mountains to get where I am today. Believing in myself was the first step.

Not knowing how my journey would evolve helped me to keep focused on materializing everything I needed. I kept my eyes on the goals, letting the universe work its’ magic.

The connection between my spirit and the universe helped me to open the door of infinite possibilities. By keeping myself dreaming, not giving up on those dreams, but instead pushing what seemed at times impossible, I have learned to conquered everything that was on my path.

Millions of people are doing that every single day. We do not need to let our outer condition influence us, instead we have learned to create a new experience.

Living a life full of obstacles not knowing when or if we will overcome them, helps us to forge our traits. Becoming the better part of me was my ultimate goal. I have reached my holy ground still shifting my path to aligned myself perfectly.